Real World Heroes

 I have two. One is an old knight, for helping a scared little mouse find the shrew she had inside (you know who you are) The other is my personal knight; my husband. He's a lineman and anytime he catches wind of any type of a big storm, he's packing his box in hopes of receiving that call for help. No matter how far, or how long he goes, he works his ass off to help those left in the heat, cold, or dark. He then comes home to us dirty and with a pile of dirty laundry, but with a smile on his face knowing he helped those who whined and complained cause they didn't get there power as soon as they wanted and those who would never know his name.
   He loves me even though I can be more stubborn than a mule, and loves my daughter like his own, even though she's not. He understands my faults and helps me to become the woman I want to be every day. I'm proud of my lineman my husband my hero!

Marian J.
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My hero is my son because he demonstrates daily how we should learn, grow and play everyday while sharing love, laughs and fun with everyone he meets! Jackson is a great blessing to me!

Daniel H.